New Name Nana Round 4!

Jack William Garrett, born February 3rd, 2019. You are so precious to us, and we are so glad you picked our family little one! You came 20 days early. Just like your cousin, you couldn't wait to get here! You look so much like your dad when he was a baby. 

I love seeing my children with children of their own. Jack is definitely my son's 'mini me'. I love how much they love each other! 

What a beautiful family they have created together! I love seeing their personalities come to life as they explore this beautiful world. 

I love holding my little grandchildren in my arms. It's like holding a tiny piece of heaven!

               Baby Jack Jack is growing so fast!!!

You've captured our hearts forever little one! Oh how you are loved!

New Name Nana Round 3

Torin Knox Garrett, born January 26th, 2018, what a blessing you are to our family! It has been almost a year since you were born. (2018 has been rough for Nana and I didn't post about your birth until now. However, better late than never!) You came into our lives a month early and was so teeny tiny! With the cold weather and sickness going around in our family it was almost a month before I got to hold you. 

But when that time finally came, I was in heaven my sweet grandson! You were so light and little in my arms. You are so precious to me, and you look so much like your daddy it takes me back 25 years to when he was born. 

Nothing is sweeter than seeing your children with their children, watching the beautiful spiral of life unfold. Old ones die, and new ones are born, it's an endless loop of love that we get to be a part of for a few moments in time. 

Molly is the sweetest big sister to her baby brother. Torin is almost 6 months old and Molly just turned two a few weeks befor…

The story of Santa Claus(trum).

It's time the true story of Santa Claus was told to the world, and then it's true significance can be understood so all can receive the gifts. Once the truth is comprehended then we can truly celebrate because this will become an inward process not just an outward observance. 
My youngest child is 6 years old. Last year at this time he said to me, "I don't think Santa is real. I think you and dad bring the presents". I said to him, "You are a really smart boy!" and kissed his head. He was satisfied, and I left it at that. This year he is in first grade, and many kids his age still believe in Santa. He said there are only two boys in his class that don't believe in the big, red guy, himself and one of his friends. Many people think that once you know the secret of Santa that the magic is lost and all the fun is over; but, if people really understood this story, and what it's true meaning is about, then they would see that the magic has only just b…

The Mystery of Naronia

A very specific period of six hundred years is called a Naroses, or a Naronic Cycle. Naros is founded upon clear astronomical science, and according to Thomas H. Burgoyne, is an astronomical fact. The Naros is a Messianic Cycle, a Luni-Solar cycle, and is the most ancient of all astronomical cycles in Occultism. It is during these special 600 year cycles that the conditions for a 'Messianic teacher', or an inspired reformer, is prominent on this earth because of the increased mental energies of humanity. Perfect examples of this are the gurus Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus just to give a few of the most recognizable names of incredible reformers of their day, and who are still influencing ours, but there have been many more than just these three. We are in the beginning stages of another 600 year cycle which began around the late 1800's early 1900's. (Mormons believe that Joseph Smith was the latest of these messianic reformers.) But, according to Thomas from his work in, …

The Second coming

I want to start this post with these interesting and insightful, yet controversial, thoughts from Alvin Boyd Khun’s essay, Platonic Philosophy in the Bible, he said, “In the nailing of a personal Jesus on a wooden cross Christianity reduced the glorious drama of the spiritual life to its grossest and most repellent form… The human soul is itself bound on the cross of gross superstition so long as these crude notions dominate the conscious and subconscious thought of modern man. The light of the true spiritual Gnosis of olden times must be cast into the dark nooks and corners of modern thinking, and disperse the mists of such errant and arrant doctrinism… The composers of ancient scriptures were poets, allegorist, dramatists and mythicists. They never wrote literally. They were in the line of generations of sages and seers who had developed the art of spiritual representation to a point of the utmost ingenuity and complexity, completely shrouding the intended real meaning under veils o…

The Sacred Secretion

"Every twenty eight and one half days, when the moon is in the sign of the zodiac that the sun was in at the birth of the native, there is a seed or Psycho-Physical germ born in, or out of, the Solar Plexus (the manger)... where it remains two and one half days in Bethlehem (house of bread) then is carried up the pneumo gastric (or vagus) nerve and across the medulla oblongatta and enters the cerebellum to remain the two and one half days... ~ Dr. George W. Carey

This seed is born in the solar plexus in every man and woman, starting around the age of 12, and it happens every 28.5 days when the moon enters the sign that the sun was in at the time of our birth. This seed, or physical germ, contains the essence of life, and is encased by a delicately thin capsule for protection. It is the same as the 'swaddling cloths' that the 'baby Jesus' was wrapped in after he was born in Bethlehem. If this capsule is broken before reaching Golgotha, (the tomb in the skull), the p…

The Way of the Chrism

This picture hangs in my home. As a Mormon it meant something very different to me than it does as a Gnostic, or as a Mystic. As a Mormon, this was a literal man who was sent here to save humanity, and to take away my sins. As a Gnostic, he is just a symbol of the power within my own physical body, and my consciousness, when I choose to live righteously. Righteous living does not mean what it meant when I was a Mormon/Christian either. It is more aligned with the 8 fold path of the Buddhist, practicing right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration, that is what living righteously means to me now. When I choose to live this way I am turning the seven sins into the seven virtues. The seven 'sins' are actually hard wired into our brains. They are a part of what we are in this physical reality. Our mission in life it to over come these traits and to rise above our animal nature by turning …